Platform Connecting Employers
and Employee
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A quick and efficient tool for job search and hiring
Responses are submitted only from workers who are ready to get started work now
Fast working staff recruitment
For Employers:
Workers are employed by Wibedo. All risks are insured.
Hiring, onboarding and payout automation
Only commute time separates worker from arriving on spot and starting his shift
The work Shift can start in 15 minutes after the vacancy will be opened
The job seekers chooses the time, place, employer, and profession line of work on their own
Flexible employment
For Job Seekers:
Job seekers visit our office once to pass a video interview, without any red tape
Official employment on the app
Service guarantees timely wages
Payment of work is paid upon completion of the shift
For Employers:
Announce vacancies, select job seekers, manage shifts, rate job seekers, get rid of the red tape.
Platform for the quick vacancies announcement
Risk insurance
Express rating of job seekers
Efficient shift management tool
Workflow optimization tool
Automation wage payment
Statistics and data on job seekers
Convenient tool for applications processing
For job seekers:
Choose convenient work time and place for work, get rid of tons of interviews and get guaranteed pay for your work!
Thousand employers with job offers in your pocket
Specialist's mobile office
Employers knowledge base
Remote control of your shift
Flexible working conditions
A place where YOU choose an employer
Work when and where you want
Access to job 24/7
Wibedo's scope of the draft
Our product is universal in the provision of various services:
loader, cashier, produce stocker, salesman, merchandiser, assembler
Restaurants and Cafes
cashier, cleaner, kitchen worker, waiter, bartender, dishwasher, cook, barista, hostesses, head waiter
courier, loader
sticker man, loader, warehouse worker
Hotels and Hostels
janitor, housekeeper, maid
Health and Beauty
manicurist, masseur, makeup artist, hairdresser
BTL and Advertising
promoter, model, installer
Security and Production
Other Fields
How Does Wibedo Work?
Both parties achieved the desired result.
Application selection
Application response
Job seeker
Mutual assessment
less than
15 minutes
Account settings

less than
1 hour
Why is Wibedo beneficial?
The more candidates you need,
the more profitable is their hiring!
offer price at wibedo
All inclusive!
Information announcement, vacancy promotion, candidate selection of a job seeker, employee onboarding, shift management, accounting wages, and taxes
From 12 hours of work as a loader
in Moscow*:
Employed loader:
Loader from Wibedo:
from 20%
* including taxes
How to understand that you need Wibedo?
For Employers:
Shifts are often unmanned
For Employers:
Staff shifts are unstable
Recruiting is time- and effort-consuming
Many short-term projects
You need a side income right now
You need flexible schedule
You need payment guarantees
You need to acquire experience
Wibedo is an efficient way to solve problems of employers and employee
Project team
  • Pavel Chernov
    Founder & CEO
    "Success depends on efforts."
  • Joseph Hagbe
    Head of Development
    "Better to test seven times than merge once!"
  • Evgeny Molovtsev
    Head of IT
    "Sometimes people take the decent work of analysts for as "witchcraft".
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